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About Us

Syidrive guarantees innovative healthcare solutions delivered with precision and high operational efficiency while we leverage industry best practices, domain knowledge, and cross-functional skills.

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Syidrive is well-equipped and experienced to handle this unique need by providing the needed facilities that is flexible, affordable and low-stress. Sit back, and let syidrive take charge so you can keep your focus and what matters to your business.


Our capabilities deal with IT offerings and office space solutions. Whether you are looking for virtual or physical space services, we’ve got you covered!


With our varied offerings, we have resources for every need you or your business may have.

Co-Working Space

Large offices are going to be a thing of the past soon. Shared and virtual work spaces are slowly gaining speed to cut operational costs and to maximize profits.

Talent Acquisition

Syidrive can help with the entire process of searching an hiring the right and qualified talent

Our Syidrive


  • Healthcare IT Solutions

    Digital transformation is the way forward in the field of healthcare..

  • RPA Solutions

    Robotics is reported to be the very near future that will also ..

  • Enterprise Solutions

    At Syidrive, we understand that industries are constantly being pegged ..

  • Web and Mobile App Development

    With extensive experience in web and app design and development.

  • Digital Marketing and SEO

    Digital marketing and SEO services at Syidrive are designed..

  • Talent Acquisition

    Syidrive can help with the entire process of searching ..

Our Syidrive

Co-Working Space

  • Captive Center

    Syidrive has unique insight and experience...

  • Office Space

    Co-working is the here and now! Co-working as a concept...

  • Vitual Office

    Virtual offices are no longer the future, they are here...

  • Meeting Rooms

    Meeting or conference rooms are essential..

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